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Project Purpose is about a comprehensive vision of personal and social transformation, leading as many people as possible away from the degradation and cruelty of trafficking and directing them towards dignity, health and the Kingdom of God. We intend to maintain and increase the number of women

and children we can serve. Additionally, we reach out to communities and provide opportunities

and services for others. 

Prayer & Worship

Prayer and worship have been fundamental since the beginning. They are an integral part of seeing breakthrough in the lives of the girls that we help. We keep our focus on God and His ability to heal and restore people to their original purpose and design.

Street Rescue

A vital part of ministry is meeting people where they are: on the streets, in the red-light districts, and in the surrounding villages. At times we have worked in collaboration with law enforcement and other organizations in rescue efforts.

Day Center

The Day Center allows girls to come experience community and gain access to assistance as an introduction to what Project Purpose is all about.  Here, we provide:

  • Restoration & Reintegration

  • Health & Family Lifestyle Lessons

  • Skill Development & Vocational Training

  • Literacy Training

  • Employment Opportunities 


The Transformation Center is our live-in center that provides housing and care for those in the process of transformation.  Here, the women and children receive housing, food, care, and opportunities for healing and growth in whatever way needed for lasting transformation.

We are looking to expand and add another residence. Join us in serving to transform lives.

Our Mission 

Building firm foundations, one brick at a time.

Our firm foundation is Jesus Christ. He is the Cornerstone of Project Purpose. It is with and through Him that we build strong relationships; they are our key to success. We maintain relationships with those who have graduated and reintegrated through visitation and continued discipleship. Team members conduct weekly outreaches to young women currently in prostitution​​.

Our Aims Internally

  • Inspire self-worth and dignity because we are created in the image of God.

  • Encourage the restoration and strengthening of the family unit and promote the nurture and protection of children.

  • Provide practical skills and opportunities so that our women are equipped for employment and a new lifestyle.


Our Aims Externally

  • Create long-standing positive relationships with local law enforcement and private agencies to ensure effective collaboration.

  • Maintain positive relationships with governmental agencies, corporations, and private foundations in order to secure continued grant funding.

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