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Restoration of Families

Project Purpose is committed to the restoration of families. We pray for transformation as we journey with them toward wholeness and the restoration of their families.


In 2001, we met Linda and her friends during street ministry. Even after several years of ministering to Linda both on the street and in her home, Linda felt unable to leave prostitution. In the interim, she had two children. After the weaning of her second child, Linda brought both children to the Transformation Center. While she could not believe the message for herself, Linda did not want her children exposed to her life style and its subsequent dangers. Now nine years later, after working with Linda and the children, 2019 will mark the advent of their being reunited as a family. Linda is supporting herself as a small business entrepreneur selling bras and is confident about her ability to raise her children in a safe and comfortable environment.    

Ways in which We Serve

  • Outreach – Informing vulnerable populations about available services and educating them about human trafficking and other potential risk and harmful behaviors.

  • Training and Education Programs – Programming that trains service providers in identifying persons who have been trafficked and/ or trafficking specific service needs.

  • Clothing and Food – Basic needs in terms of food and clothing.

  • Housing – Basic needs in terms of immediate, short- and long-term housing.

  • Education – Provision of schooling or access to schooling at primary, secondary or tertiary.

  • Life Skills Training – Provision of training and education in various skills to assist a person to be able to live independently.

  • Family/Community Re-integration – Services to assist a person in making successful transitions to their new communities or back to their home communities.

  • Employment Assistance – Provision of job training and linking individuals with internships, apprenticeships and potential employers.

  • Medical Services –Types of medical treatment for any physical illness or injury.

  • Mental Health Services – Types of psycho-social services to treat various types of mental health issues.

  • Legal services – Legal services for persons who have been trafficked to access services, obtain asylum, obtain visas or seek restitution.

  • Governmental laws on victim protection/rights – Advocacy for legislation that specifically calls for persons who have been trafficked to receive protection services.

  • Interpretation/ Translation – Provision of language services for foreign nationals in their native language.

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