Restoration of innocence. Restoration of youth. Restoration of families.



After our introduction on the street or through a friend, the Day center serves as a "stigma free zone" for the girls.  Tucked away in a "bairro" surrounding the city, the Princesses and their friends who have responded to our invitation - extended on street outreach - can come to the Day Center and begin a relationship with our team and participate in our English or sewing courses.  We open every course with a devotional message concerning their God given purpose, worth and value.  We offer counseling and other services depending on their needs. It is at the day center that most of the girls hear the Gospel clearly and begin  their journey of transformation.  Project Purpose helps to sponsor girls schooling and we offer help with literacy and other tutoring. The girls must participate in the courses at the day center for at least 6 months in order to be eligible for schooling.  They must decide and demonstrate their commitment to the process of transformation (which looks different for each girl depending on their story.  It is here that we begin to hear their stories and and discover more about their families of origin and how they ended up in prostitution or trafficking. We do family visits and get to know the situations surrounding each of the Princesses.  

The Day Center is in a facility that Project Purpose currently rents. Project Purpose is looking to purchase the property and add a security wall. This budget would provide for the purchase and three years of operations.  Please help us to continue to reach out in the heart of the city and invite these Princesses into a new Life.

August 2019

We  will start our next sewing course.   We are excited to see how many of the girls choose to  participate and how many will go on to earn an income.  

2001 - Present

We love extending the invitation to " Come all who are thirsty....and then being there to receive those who respond to that invitation.  It is one of our greatest joys to see the Princesses respond to the invitation to come  to our centers and see what God can do.  

"Come all who are thirsty...."

We  love being a light in the midst of the darkness 

Since the founding of Project Purpose in 2001, we have always had a Day Center.  We have always had a place near enough to the city to be convenient while being hidden enough to be safe and discreet. 

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