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Katie Magill (Mana Kate)

In December 2001, Mana Kate Magill fulfilled a lifelong calling as a Christian missionary in Mozambique, Africa. The vision of Mana Kate's ministry was to redeem the purpose of women and children whose lives had been targeted by sex traffickers. Mana Kate's ministry, known as Project Purpose, has worked alongside governmental agencies reaching out to trafficked women and children. For nearly two decades, Mozambican women and children, once ensnared by traffickers, have experienced the redemption, transformation and restoration of their lives through Project Purpose. It is by the power of Jesus Christ that lives are transformed and restored to their original purpose and design.

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Alzira Jose Novele Mabjaia (Mana Alzira)

Mana Alzira, Vice President of Project Purpose, represents the hearts of the indigenous leaders of her nation as a Mozambican.  She met Katie as part of a ministry group combating HIV/AIDS. She then decided to stay on a daily basis as she saw the heart of Project Purpose.  She officially became part of the organization in 2004 and has served as the Vice President since 2007.  Mana Alzira seeks continual transformation on a national scale through cultural impact and reformation. 


“God has made each person for so much more. Our goal is to impact the social fabric of this city and see many lives transformed, enjoying the fruit of Holy Spirit and God’s Kingdom in their lives and communities.” ~ Mana Alzira

About Us

Project Purpose was formed to respond to sexual injustice in its many forms. We walk with individuals, families, and communities through the process of freedom, healing, and restoration as they step into their God-given purpose. 

Our ministry focuses on the restoration of women and children who have been forced into the sex-trade and trafficking industries. 

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