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We would consider it a privilege to have you participate with us through giving. People choose to give in numerous ways, sometimes through direct donations of: food, clothing, shoes, construction materials & services, office supplies, computers, education, sponsorship, time & talent, etc… 

                                                         We Welcome Your Donation






When you donate, if you want to give finances for a specific Project Purpose opportunity, such as the School of Arts, feel free to let us know by emailing: Please specify in your email your intentions for your financial donation. If a purpose is not designated contributions will go into the Project Purpose General Ministry Fund and be used for our area of greatest need. 

If you wish to directly give to us materials, supplies, or services donations, please email us at: Please include in your email specifics about what it is you would like to donate.


We appreciate everyone who is willing to be generous with us, occasionally a need is funded and it is no longer a need. So we may, upon receiving your offer, need to contact you to discuss where the project is at and other opportunities in which you may be interested in participating. We never intend to disrespect anyone’s generosity if this is the case.

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